Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How is the skimmer measured?
A-The length of the skimmer is the amount of reach it has. This length is from the bottom of the motor to the bottom of the bottom pulley. This same measurement designates what belt you need.

Q-How do I measure the length of the belt? 

A-If you lay the belt flat and measure the length, use the table below.

measurement                  skimmer size
9 inches---------------- 6 inch
12 inches--------------- 9 inch
15.5 inches--------------- 12 inch
20.5 inches--------------- 17 inch

A-If you measure from centerline of pulley to pulley, use the table below.

measurement                     belt size
7.75 inches---------------- 6 inch
10.75 inches--------------- 9 inch
14 inches------------------ 12 inch
19 inches------------------ 17 inch

Q- What's the difference between the oil skimmers available.

A- Belt skimmers are the most popular because they are easier to install and able to fit in tight spaces. The standard belt material for the belts is polyurethane. The polyurethane belts are durable and will work well in 99% of machine tool installations. Disk skimmers will remove tramp oil faster than the belt skimmer but they require more room to operate. 

Q- How much of the skimmer needs to be in the liquid?
A- It just has to touch the liquid and the unit will work but, the deeper the skimmer is the better it will handle changes in the coolant level.

Q-Can a Skimpy Oil Skimmer be used in a parts washer?
A-That would depend upon the liquid that you are skimming. Temperatures above 150 deg. F. will ruin the polyurethane belt. An optional silicone/cotton belt is recommended for higher temperatures. Also, Skimpy oil skimmers are made of aluminum and a liquid that attacks aluminum, such as, a high ph solution, would be a problem. Though the Skimpy oil skimmer is not designed for parts washers, many customers are using them for this purpose and have found them to be a cost effective solution.

Q-My polyurethane belt no longer picks up the oil, what can I do?
A-This problem we hear about 1 in 200 customers. In some cases, the belt needs to be cleaned with alcohol. If you continue to have a problem after cleaning with alcohol then, you may want to try the silicone/cotton belt. It may not be "oil" that you see floating on top. It may be the rust preventaive put on the bar stock. The silicone/cotton belt attracts oil and other floating liquids well but can be a problem if there is a large amount of floating chips. The chips can get caught in the fabric. If chips are not a problem then the silicone/cotton belt is highly recommended. The silicone/cotton belt removes oil quickly and in some cases leaves the coolant or water alone.

Q- Will the oil be cleaned from the entire tank when a skimmer is used?
A- If the tank has no baffles then most of the oil will be removed. When there are baffles in the tank then most likely the oil will not pass through the baffles. The skimmer would have to be moved to the different sections or use a skimmer in each section.

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